Wonderful petal project, Olympia

This was just so much fun and I am so grateful for the models that came to participate in the ‘on a whim’ shoot.

It all started when I was having a bad morning and I was just not in a good mood at all, all of a sudden I see thousands of tiny pink petals floating around at a local chiropractic office parking lot and it hit me “I must do a petal shoot!”. I had a meeting to go to but I knew that I would be back afterwards. I didn’t even head home after the meeting I instead went straight to the petals! I had no idea if they would even let me take the petals, I walked in to the office and said “I don’t mean to seem like a freak but I’m a photographer and I wanted to know if I could have the petals in the parking lot?” luckily they said yes very enthusiastically. Then I thought “Oh my gosh how on earth am I going to get these petals home!?”. Lucky for me I keep trash bags over my little carpets in the car to protect against muddy feet, I ended up filling 3 bags!

I managed to get three people to come over to let me play with the photography, gosh these girls are my heroes. When you gotta create you gotta create!

Here is a sneak peek into what it is becoming…..

petal photos olympia

Thank you to the lovely Cat for modelling for me, you are awesome!

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