Women Assemble Weekly

Welcome to another edition of Women Assemble Weekly where we share with you the week’s stories, articles, and videos about inspiring women, role models, body issues, photography or parenting that we think you might enjoy.

This week we’ve got a few great things for female role models and a couple other cool things you’ll find interesting.US Women1. First of all, we all remember the incredible win the U.S. Women’s Soccer team had over Japan in the World Cup. Well, according to BBC Sports, Alex Morgan has now been chosen to be the first woman featured on the cover of a FIFA video game. A Canadian, Christine Sinclair, will feature on the Canadian version of the game. Both will be pictured with Barcelonian Lionel Messi. This is the first time the video game by EA Sports will feature women teams. Check out the details and Morgan’s response over at BBC Sports.

2. In photography news, Carey Fruth has taken the iconic fantasy image of Mena Suvari lying naked in rose petals from 1999’s American Beauty and turned it into a photo project that challenges sexual objectification and beauty standards. Even more interesting is the project uses the title ‘American Beauty’ to demonstrate the diverse ranges of women in our country. Check out the Huffington Post article and Fruth’s photo series.role models3. You may have heard of Margaret Hamilton, a.k.a. The Wicked Witch of the West. But have you heard of Margaret Hamilton, NASA software engineer? Well, according to TIME Magazine, you should.  Her work helped make Apollo 11’s moon landing a success. She’s also credited for coining the term ‘software engineering’. Check out TIME’s profile of Hamilton, an early role model for women in science.

4. A kiwi blogger and nutritionist recently gave birth to her son and posted pictures of her post-baby belly for 14 weeks. Check out her blog post, which serves as a self-affirmation of motherhood, and her Buzzfeed interview.

5. There’s good news from Target this week (and we don’t mean the Buy One, Get One 1/2 Off on action figures). According to a piece on Bustle, Target has an awesome breast-feeding policy and it got posted on social media. The article bullet-points the policy, which includes the prohibited harassment from any Target employee. Check it out and rejoice in the company’s choice to support, rather than shame nursing moms everywhere!role models6. Lastly, what are your favorite female TV characters? Are they well-rounded, vivid personalities who unapologetically fight for what they believe in?  HelloGiggles recently did a piece celebrating the diversity of strong female characters in TV that serve as positive role models for young women. Are your favorites on the list? Who would you pick and why? Comment below!

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