Throwback Thursday – voting in South Africa

Voting in South Africa happens every 4 years, much like the states. It happens in winter and everyone wakes up really early to stand in line for the right to vote. One needs to have their ID book when going to vote and they also need to attend the voting station that they are classified under according to their address. The lines get very long, most of the time people are voting till midnight. There are many parties one can choose from, I remember when I was young I would ask my parents “who did you vote for?” “what color party did you choose?” and funny enough their response was often “voting is private”. Once a person enters the building to vote you are “inked”, the thumb is wiped with ink to show that you have voted. One year a burger franchise advertised the pride in voting and after a person voted all they had to do was show their thumbs to the waiters/waitresses and they got a free cup of coffee. The company’s name is Wimpy.

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