The best fur talker ever! Wonderful Dog Trainer in Olympia!

Patti Howard is the best Dog Trainer in Olympia! She knows not only what dogs want but also the human’s and how to get the best of both worlds. When we got Lady Leia I was so excited but had so many concerns on how could I be the best fur parent for her? How do I read her body language so I can best communicate with her and her with me? What if she runs away? Nightmares came but then I remembered … Patti! I called her up and she was the first person to meet Little Lady, she gave us so much information that seemed so obvious but when she shares her knowledge with a family in the comfort of her client’s home its like a wave of warmth and comfort comes over the entire family. Everything feels like its going to be ok and honestly it is. My biggest fear was Lady running out the front door and being hurt or lost. Patti sat with us at Lady’s level near the front door and she gave us such wonderful tips on how to communicate with her what we need her to do. It honestly took about 15 minutes for Lady to understand not running out the front door. Having Patti there to guide us all through the process was wonderful and totally put my mind at ease. It really isn’t just the puppy that needs training its the humans to. Jeff and I have learnt so much about dogs since meeting Patti, I cannot sing enough happiness and joy I have for meeting and being able to work with her! Thank you again Patti! You are wonderful! You can find Patti at Your Canine Resource.

The photo session was one of the most fun experiences I have had, Yogi, her lovely fur baby was such a delight! They did tricks and he had so much fun in running in the water and rubbing up against clams! I hope he had as much fun as I did photographing him.

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