Stan Lee on Bullying

We still have one more post on the Emerald City Comic Con. When a celebrity comes to the Emerald City Comic-Con, attendees are allowed to line up and ask questions during their Q&A panel. When people ask questions usually they share a story first. One man asked on behalf of his father, who read a lot of Spiderman as a kid and, by doing so, it helped him deal with bullying. The question was are there any comics today that are anti-bullying?

Stan Lee shocked me with his opinion on bullying:

Something I should mention is that Stan Lee is such a charming man and is able to give the best answers with such purpose. He talked about how the writers were aware of the themes on bullying in Spider-Man, but never wanted it to be so obvious. By looking at the world of the X-MEN one is able to tell through the underlying themes that we shouldn’t be fearful or hateful of others that are different from us. “You damn well shouldn’t be a bully,” says Lee. I teared up a little when I heard that. For those who know me, you know how I feel about bullying. This just seemed to resonate with me. It made me wish comic books were more available in South Africa, perhaps I would’ve found solace in it. Thank you Stan Lee for everything you have created!

Stan Lee Bullying - Shanna Paxton PhotographyStan Lee Bullying - Shanna Paxton Photography

Stan Lee Bullying - Shanna Paxton Photography

Stan Lee and Clare Kramer get a selfie with Avenger cosplayers

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