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We are officially halfway through the year! Can you believe it?

It’s time to take a second look at some of the most popular posts from over the past several months you may have missed. Feel free to share any of these with your friends.

Miss Thurston County

1) SPP Spotlight: Emily Hamack Lives to Be Worthy of Her Crown  Each month we like to feature a woman who has greatly influenced her community or has an inspiring story and interview her. This feature is called the SPP Spotlight. It was on hiatus for a few months, but it came back and many readers enjoyed this interview with 2015’s Miss Thurston County from May, making it by far the most popular post so far this year. Read about her story and her journey to the Miss Washington Scholarship Pageant in July.


2) Introducing… Gratitude Videos Next up, we have the introduction of our newest product: Gratitude Videos. This came in just in time for Mother’s Day, but it’s also quite fitting for Father’s Day, milestone birthdays or anniversaries, departing graduates, deployed military spouses, or as a gift from the wedding party to a bride and groom. Check out the commercial and details to learn more.


3) Colorful Spring Maternity Photo Shoot We love to provide lots of content about women, but, of course, we are a photo studio, so we like to also share about some of our experiences with our clients. This post by Shanna in April was by far the most popular photo post so far this year. We had such a wonderful time shooting this lovely couple in West Seattle, they were so lovely and hilarious. Read Shanna’s thoughts on the experience and see some samples from the shoot.

Black Canary, Black Widow

DC’s Black Canary & Marvel’s Black Widow

4) Power Girls: A Growing Roster of Positive Female Superheroes in Comics This piece Jeff wrote examines the history of female superheroes in comic books. Jeff detailed some of the high’s and low’s over the past 70 years, highlighting the best examples of strength and depth.

Miss Thurston County

Miss Outstanding Teen and Miss Thurston County

5) Miss Outstanding Teen of Thurston County  Did you know there was such a thing as Miss Outstanding Teen? We had no idea until we started working with the Miss Thurston County Scholarship Program. Readers certainly enjoyed getting to know and see 2015’s MOTTC, Makaylah Richardson in this post from early April. Check out the photos Shanna did and the two minute video everybody else loved.


Those are the most popular posts so far this year. Keep checking in every week to see what else is new. As always, you can keep up-to-date by ‘Liking’ us on Facebook.

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