SPP Spotlight: Renee Gillard Takes Control of Her Life & Empowers Others to Do the Same

Renee Gillard empowerThis is the SPP Spotlight, a feature on our blog that spotlights women who have become leaders in the community, made a positive impact on people’s lives, or is a great role model for women in some way. Our guest is Renee Gillard. She is a serial entrepreneur who is a business coach and CEO and Founder of World Changers International, a consulting firm dedicated to helping clinics with disease prevention and to help coach small businesses. She’s also an award-winning public speaker and author of the upcoming book ‘No More Insulin’, her story about being a successful diabetic.

SPP Spotlight: Renee, thank you for being with us. It is a pleasure to have you.

Renee Gillard: Thank you.

SPPS: Could you tell us a little about World Changers International?

RG: So, World Changers International was an idea I had a few years ago. It’s exactly that: changing the world one person at a time.

And how do you go about doing that? Who do you work with to accomplish that?

Mainly, I work with people in the health and wellness business. I’ve been a diabetic for over 20 years – a successful Type 1 diabetic. To me, what that looks like is someone that is checking their blood sugar, taking their insulin as needed, watching their diet, getting exercise, and then also incorporating naturopathic medicine. That is one area in the health and wellness arena, as far as Type 1 Diabetics goes, that’s really lacking. Most of the books that are out there that talk to teens or parents of diabetic teens or people who just got Type 1 Diabetes at 30 years-old or people who are pre-diabetic are really only centered around diet and exercise. Well, let’s be realistic. We live in a world of instant gratification. That means that a lot of people want to go to McDonald’s and go through the drive-thru, because they’re going to pick up their kids from soccer and after that they have to do homework and then they need to do whatever else in order to take care of their children. [Myself], not being married or having kids, I’m a really busy person, so I had to figure out, besides just diet and exercise, what are all of the other things that I can do to be successful. That is what ‘No More Insulin’ is all about. It’s about detoxing, it’s about taking the right vitamins and minerals that work for your body.

And that’s your upcoming book –

– which will be out next year.

Going back to World Changers International, I read you’re working with MedXPrime, which is a medical lab company based in California. What kind of work is World Changers International doing with them?

MedXPrime is a company that uses what’s called pharma code genetics, as well as an advanced cancer-diagnosing program. The pharma code genetics program that they have is such that you can walk in to your doctor’s office and they will tell you exactly what drugs and medication work for your body and what doesn’t. The issue we have nowadays is doctors are throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping something will stick when they give people medications. They don’t know what your body is able to absorb. They don’t know how fast it’s able to absorb. They don’t know exactly how much they should be giving you. They’re just guessing. Well, pharma code genetics allows them to not guess anymore. Therefore, they’re able to save thousands of lives daily.

How does it do that?

It does that by looking at your chemical makeup and showing what your body can metabolize and what it can’t. And it uses a [color] system, so green means “Great, I can use this and won’t overdose.” Yellow means “Be really careful with this. I may have a reaction.” Red means “I will definitely have a reaction. Do not give this medication to me.” And then the second piece they’re doing that is really amazing for clinics and doctor’s offices is a cancer screening test. What this does is when you go into your normal general practitioner and they say, “Hey, it looks like you might have cancer, you’ve gotta go to this cancer center, get a test, and see. You might have to wait two months to get in.” What they can do right there at the general practitioner’s office is take a really simple test and it will show if you have the markers for cancer. It can show you six months earlier than any of the other tests that are out there. When you have cancer, six months can really save your life. It is a huge difference.

So, how does that work, because, typically, when someone starts being treated for cancer it’s because something was already found, which leads to certain concerns, right? And they start discovering that there’s something cancerous because of that. So, how does a scenario work where it can be discovered even earlier?

Sure. So, a lot of times when you go into a general practitioner’s office, an oncologist, a gynecologist, or urologist – [by the way] this is especially important for gynecologists and urologists, because they can find bladder cancer really easily with this simple test – they don’t want to send you to a cancer clinic, because you might not be able to get in for two or three months, so I feel they want to rule out everything else – even if they have a good inclination that it could be [cancer]. So, what’s great about this is it allows them to do an easy screening test to rule that out right off the bat. It also allows us to see the by-product of cancer cells a lot sooner. It can look at a more genetic level to see if you’re carrying a by-product of cancer a lot sooner.

Excellent. So, it’s definitely a lot more aggressive in cancer prevention. Is that something that is becoming more widely distributed to doctors around the country?

Yeah, so MedXPrime is doing that through direct sales. The reason they decided to go that route is [because] normally, when someone gets hired on to a pharmaceutical company or medical testing company [like MedXPrime] it takes 3-6 months for them to get all of the training they need. This is really quick and simple and easy training so that you can get out there and sell right away. They also did it so you can build a team. It’s better having five people selling than one.

Is World Changers International one of the companies that work with MedXPrime to distribute and sell these?

Yeah, absolutely. The other big piece of World Changers International is I’m a consultant. I consult with MedXPrime and I consult with other large corporations around the United States to find the latest and greatest products that are out there to bring to their company. There are a few products I’m working on now to bring into MedXPrime, as well as another large project in Arizona. So, everything works congruently with each other. My goal is to have a company that can help people work in such a fashion that they can help more people in a [quicker] amount of time. That’s what we’re doing with MedXPrime. I’m introducing them to all of the contacts that I know. That’s really what I am: a connector. I connect people together. That’s really where my passion lies. How can I connect the most amount of women and empower them? How can I help the most amount of teens that have Type 1 Diabetes and empower them? So, it’s that connection that I’ve found that’s the most important and what I enjoy the most.

Well, that’s incredible, because not only is it really ambitious, but it sounds like there’s a lot of really big projects you have coming down that can help a lot of people. What brought you to creating World Changers International two years ago?

I was working with a company called Univera. They’re here locally in Lacey, Washington – absolutely amazing product. They work with plants to help feed the body and they help regenerate your DNA with the different products that they have. At that point, I needed to decide [if] I wanted to work with this company as myself or was it time for me really to incorporate? I was offered an opportunity by another great company called Visalis. At that point, instead of me working individually for them, World Changers International came into fruition. From what I saw that all of these companies and products were doing I felt like I could be a big part of their change. That’s why I came up with World Changers International; I really felt like I could change the world with one person at a time.

That’s an incredible strategy and really awesome, too. Let’s talk about your book ‘No More Insulin’. You mentioned you’ve been living with diabetes for 20 years now and your book tells the story of living a successful life as a diabetic.

It does. When I was 13, I got diabetes. At that point [with] the information we had, the only way to control my diabetes was diet and exercise and making sure I’m checking my blood sugar eight times a day and I take four shots a day. I continued doing that for 20 years. There hasn’t been a day where I haven’t checked my blood sugar or haven’t taken insulin. There’s only been two times in the past twenty years where I wasn’t able to get to insulin and I had to wait eight hours before I was able to get it. I am a control freak, obviously, because I have to be. As a diabetic that is a must. When I was younger, at 13 years-old, my mom sat me down right when I got diagnosed and said, ‘You know what? This is your disease. You have to take care of this. Nobody else is going to take care of this for you.’ She would love to take the disease for me, but she couldn’t. My parents were there every step of the way for me, but I had to take the disease on myself. It was not something that anybody else was going to do for me.

That’s quite a mind-shift, too, right?

At 13. [laughs] Going through puberty. Absolutely, it was. At that point, I had to change my whole diet. I was a cheerleader at age 14 through 18 and that’s how I got all of my exercise every day and working out at the gym two to three times a week. That’s what really started me on my path to being successful. Since then I’ve never passed out, I’ve never gone to the hospital, haven’t had any high high’s or any low low’s. That’s what success looks like to me. I think for a lot of diabetics they can get there, but it’s not just listening to what your doctors are telling you. There’s so much more that goes into it. Controlling it is just one piece. Working with the depression that comes with it is huge. When you have to be that controlled and take that much of a synthetic [medication] every single day, depression is huge. So, getting over that hurdle, the stress of having to manage something that big every single day [is important]. That’s not really anything they talk about in the doctor’s office, unless you’re with psychologists. The other issue as a diabetic is you don’t want to take any outside medications. If my back hurts, I don’t take a Tylenol or Advil; I already have to take insulin every day. So, it’s those little things that people need to pay attention to so that they can be as good to that liver and pancreas and kidneys as they can.

So it sounds like your story as a diabetic is really one of how being a diabetic helps you take control of your life and that ended up leading to not just your health, but everything about your life. What are you as an entrepreneur if not someone who wants to take control of how you live and how you want to be financially independent, too, right? That’s a really powerful story. When can people expect to find your book?

It’ll be out by next June. June 2016.

Excellent and will it be available at book stores?

Yeah, it’ll be on Amazon, book stores, libraries, and then, of course, at my website, reneegillard.com and nomoreinsulin.com

Now you also recently helped form a group called You Are Thriving. What is that?

You Are Thriving is empowerment for women. A lot of women nowadays, I feel – I won’t say a lot, but some – are just surviving. They’re going through the motions every single day. Our country is more sick than we ever have been. It’s disease-rampant, people are over-weight, people are stressed out, people are unhappy. They’re taking it out on their kids. They’re taking it out on their job. They have got themselves in a rut where, instead of doing something that they love 75% of the time – which is really what your job is, you’re [working during] 75% of your life from 22 to 70 or whenever you decide to retire. So my model is to come to life every day with something that I love to do with those attributes about myself that I love the most and can give to others. That’s what You Are Thriving is about, coaching and helping businesses, women, teams, whomever it may be, how to thrive in this world and how to find those things about themselves that they really enjoy. If they’re not coming to work every day loving what they’re doing then some changes need to be made. Maybe they need to go as drastic as finding something they love to do or they just need to change how they see their job or ask for a corner office so there’s more sunshine. You know? There’s tons of stuff they can do. Instead of listening to the radio in the morning, which can be very detrimental to us […] there’s music out there you can find that helps your body be in better alignment spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. One of the things I do every day in my car is to listen to motivational speaking and people who I love and that’s changed who I am. That’s what You Are Thriving is about, little things like that; using tapping method, massage, music you do love that can be spiritual and uplifting. And then it’s incorporating all the beautiful women who are in my life that have helped with that. Annie, Jennifer, and Susie, it was the four of us that incorporated You Are Thriving and continue working together to help and empower women.

What are some of the ways the four of you work together as You Are Thriving to achieve those goals?

So, last night we were at an event making dream boards or vision boards and really looking at what we want our lives to look like. The four of us work with You Are Thriving in a couple different ways. A couple of us are health coaches. […] Myself, I’m more of a detoxing expert and have more of an expertise on disease. One of the women is a financial expert, helping women with the financial aspect of things. So, it really allows us to come to the table when we’re working with women in many different aspects of their life so they can not just get skinny, but also help their pocket book at the same time. We’ve been able to incorporate all of our gifts and can offer a woman a complete package instead of just working on one piece of your life. It’s more about that full spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental –

– And that just makes sense, because the service is less fragmented and more cohering. You might even be able to say holistic –

– Absolutely! That’s exactly what it is!

Renee, who are some women who’ve inspired you over the years and today?

I think that the woman who inspired me the most would be my aunt Kim. She put a belief in me to never give up, no matter what happens, and to always be happy and understand that God’s given you these circumstances to work through them and can be a blessing. For many people, I find that diabetes is not a blessing to them and they are mad or upset that they were given that disease. I have changed that around and made it so it is a blessing. My aunt dealt with rheumatoid arthritis and was in pain every single day of her life. But nobody knew it. She went to work every day, she helped hundreds of people with math – thousands, actually. She had over a thousand people at her memorial service. She has a gym named after her in Broomfield, Colorado. That’s who I come from. My grandmother is another influential person in my life. She just had a pond named after her, the Ellie McKinley Pond in Broomfield. She was the driving force behind saving eighty-five acres of open space in Broomfield. Where other people wanted to build, she, myself and my cousin got 4,000 signatures so that that space wouldn’t be built on. Her drive and ambition and what she’s given back to the world is phenomenal.

As far as women of today […] Oprah Winfrey. I think part of the reason why I absolutely love her is that she came from such diversity, had absolutely nothing and has built an empire. She is so strong and just a beautiful human being inside and out. I’ve always resonated with her. I remember sitting on my mom’s couch at four o’clock every day after school and we watched Oprah Winfrey for years. The way she can get people to tell their story and the people she’s been able to influence and working with Deepak Chopra and having her own [TV] network – that is something I can absolutely see myself doing one day, having my own Health & Wellness network. She is a person I would love to [emulate]. To be able to create a movement… really, she’s created a movement of women and people… So, she’s definitely another one that I’d love to emulate and I try to every day.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better role model. But I think you, as well, are a great role model, yourself. You are clearly very intelligent and you have your own inner strength and what you’ve done with yourself, taking control, finding your own direction… You are a woman of many resources and skills and a great role model for women looking to take charge of their life.

Is there anyone you want to reach out to and help that might be reading your interview today through World Changers International or otherwise?

Yeah, absolutely. I think that right now my biggest passion is to help kids and teens. That came to me about a month ago when I was sitting down with one of my mentors. I feel like teens nowadays are so underserved and the pressure and hardships that they go through that none of us see is something that I can make a difference in, especially those that are diabetic. But also teens that are not, [because] finding your passion and purpose and path in life is so vital to happiness and waking up every day and living every moment as a happy person. Speaking in front of schools and children and giving them just one thing that can change their life forever is a huge goal of mine, because they are the ones who will be ultimately running the world.

Renee, I want to thank you for being with us.


Renee is a public speaker, author, business coach, and CEO of World Changers International. You can find her at reneegillard.com and youarethriving.com and find links to her respective Facebook Pages. You can also find her on Linkedin here and here. This is the SPP Spotlight. I’m Jeff Gibson.

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