SPP Spotlight: Nicole Smith Empowers Women Through Self-Full Living

CHE Coaching with Higher Energy

This is the SPP Spotlight, a feature on our blog that spotlights women who have become leaders in the community, made a positive impact on people’s lives, or is a great role model for women in some way. Our guest is Nicole Smith, owner of C.H.E., Coaching with Higher Energy, bridging the gap between mind and body by providing energy healing and aromatherapy to many who need additional guidance with the emotional end of their injuries. She’s also host of a workshop called Self-Full Living: Sustainable Empowerment Through Ourselves.

SPP Spotlight: Nicole, thank you for being with us. It is a pleasure to have you.
Nicole: Thank you, Jeff. It’s good to be here.

SPP: Let’s start with your business, C.H.E. You’re an energy healer and aromatherapist. What does that mean and what services do you provide?
So, energy healing – I’ll do a brief [explanation] on energy healing – every living thing is energy. What energy healing is is connecting my energy with a client to create that space and environment so they can heal themselves, getting them back to their natural state so they can heal themselves. I tend to focus on the emotional side of what’s going on in the body versus the physical. It’s all connected; however, I like to bring it to their awareness about what the emotional aspects are. Even though I focus on the emotions behind physical ailments, the heart of what I do is encourage Self – Love and being Self – Full. 

How does the aromatherapy fit into that?
So, I use Young Living essential oils. They have live enzymes in them so you’re getting the actual therapeutic benefit; a concentrated plant in a bottle is basically what it is. I tend to use, because I’m focusing on the emotional, I’m focusing on the blends or single oils that are used for the emotional release or support they are going through during a session. So, for example, I used a blend called Release a lot, because it helps if they’re having an emotional release of some kind to do so a lot more easily.

Also, it smells really nice and is very relaxing –
Yes, it smells really nice. [laughs]

What are the differences between your services and that of a therapist? When you think about the emotional aspects of a circumstance someone might be in a lot of people would think, ‘Well, wouldn’t I see a therapist to help me with that?’
What I provide is that reminder that we all are loved and the more we love ourselves the more we can function in our daily lives. So, I’m not a counselor. You know with marriage counseling where you have a couple come together and you try to be a mediator between the two – I’m not that. I just remind that person where they are and the more we have self-love, the more these things that come up in our daily lives are easier to deal with.

When should someone consider energy healing to help them, as opposed to or along with anything else?
So, I would be a good support as they are going through counseling, as those emotions arise to help them process them, giving them that support and space so they can process them as they’re going through counseling.

That makes a lot of sense and is very helpful. You refer to yourself as having empathic abilities. What does that mean?
So, all of my life I’ve been very sensitive and open to other’s energies, especially the emotional side. I’m very sensitive to what others are feeling. A lot of times, I know more about what’s going on in someone else emotionally than they do, are aware of, or have acknowledged themselves.

When did you realize your passion and gifts as a healer and coach?
I started recognizing it about 13 years ago. That was when I met a gal who actually first introduced me to energy healing. There was that ‘A-ha!’ moment where I recognized that there’s something more to why I’ve been feeling all I’ve been feeling all of my life instead of just shutting it off.

Did she help you with that or were you left to figure it out all on your own?
She helped me a lot with it, absolutely. A lot of it has been self-taught, as well. She played a big role – she’s still in my life – plays a big role to help me to see that, because she had the tools and I didn’t. But a lot of it is self-education, self-discovery…

So, this is going to sound a little silly, but to me it reminds me of someone like Daredevil, the comic book character, someone who comes into powers and all of a sudden they have all the sensitivity to everything around them and they have to figure out how to filter some things out and focus other things.
Yeah, I’m like a superhero! [laughs] Where’s my cape?

There might be some people out there for whom this might be the case for, but they haven’t recognized it, yet. All they know is they’re really sensitive or have a really hard time in life and people are wondering ‘What the heck is wrong with you?!’ What sort of advice do you have for people to recognize signs that this is the case and here’s what they can do to help with that?
So, if they are sensitive to others’ energy and emotions, first of all, they can take a deep sigh of relief and know it’s not a curse, like I used to think it was. It’s actually very insightful and helpful. Take those deep breaths and know that there is nothing necessarily to filter, because all humans are connected. All energy is connected, it doesn’t start or stop, it just doesn’t work that way. There is no start or end to it. So, we all are connected energetically. Know that when you’re feeling that that is a personal connection you have with someone and it’s wonderful. It may feel uncomfortable, but take those deep breaths and know it’s not your stuff. We don’t have to necessarily process it as ours. Recognizing it is what I would recommend. Check in, ‘Is it mine?’ A lot of times it’s not, especially when you’re empathic.

That’s such fascinating stuff! You’re hosting a workshop called Self-Full Living for a second time in May. What is Self-Full Living and who is it for?
Self-Full Living is geared towards women, however men and women can benefit from being Self-Full. But this workshop is geared toward women. Self-Full Living is really being full of who we truly are and empowering ourselves to have all the power we need, the tools we need, the knowledge we need to be who we are. It’s when we look outside of us for external answers as to who we are that we’re giving our power away. It’s about giving ourselves tools so we can really be who we are.

When is it and where can people find more information?
It is Saturday, May 2nd from 11a-4p or 5p. It’s going to be at my place at 1804 Black Lake Blvd SW Ste 101. That’s Olympia. And if they want to contact me for more information they can email me at che@chenergy.us or they can call or text me at (541) 450-1250. Or they can check out my website at chenergy.us

And you have an online show through Blog Talk Radio. What is that about?
Yes, so I do a weekly Blog Talk Radio every Tuesday at noon where I talk about self-love and being self-full and different awareness’s that I have that come up throughout my life or things that are already known that I share with others. Sometimes I have guests come on, other Light Workers, other people that do their different forms of love or self-love and they share it with me on the show. It’s a lot of fun.

Well, Nicole, I’d like to thank you for your time. You are always a fascinating individual. I could easily talk about the work you do for hours! It’s been such a pleasure visiting with you.
Thank you, Jeff. It’s been a pleasure, too.

Nicole Smith is the owner of C.H.E.  You can find Nicole online. You can also listen to her show, Living a Life Full of Self Love This is the SPP Spotlight. I’m Jeff Gibson.

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