Remember fire season last year? Small Events Photographer, Olympia

Do you remember how bad the smoke was last year? How it at times became difficult to see? Well it was fun for photographers! It gave a natural warm glow to peoples faces, it made for aery landscapes especially when water was involved. I got the opportunity to photograph a small event at a wonderful family’s home, some people may think well its a small event do I really need a photographer? One way you could look at it is “Will people who don’t see each other regularly in person be there?”, we are so involved in each others lives on Facebook but how often do we get to interact face to face with each other? I don’t know about you but I have found becoming accustomed to American life means well, me and everyone else I care about has VERY BUSY lives. So when I do get to go somewhere where I know friends and acquaintances will be I would love to have a photograph with them! And not have to stress about getting myself! So YES 1000 times YES hire the photographer to take care of your event photo needs so you don’t have to, so that you can be present with them and look back on the memories afterwards thanks to the small events photographer!

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