Priceless Natural Family Photographs, Kent WA

Natural family photographs are priceless. Having a photographer that can make your photo session fun and enjoyable is key to getting those images.

How you can get natural family photographs:

– As always talk to your photographer before booking them. Find out if they offer a free consultation and take advantage of this time to see if your a good fit.

– What does the photographer’s work look like? There are two places to look 1. Their Facebook Page and 2.their website. Go through their galleries and blog posts. Do you like the look of their images? Do they offer tips in their blog posts? What does a photo session look like with this photographer?

ie. if the photographer has 70% posed images they probably are not a good fit for you when looking for natural family photographs. I highly recommend looking through their blog posts. This is where photo session samples are posted on most professional photographers’ websites.

– Photographers that are experienced in taking natural family photographs will go more in-depth asking about each child and family member, as well as follow up questions. ie. What does Ben enjoy doing? Could he bring a few of those toys with him? Does he want to dress up at the end so he has something to look forward to? By asking these questions the photographer is not only preparing themselves but the parents as well. It is a plan to create natural moments. Authentic moments.

– Be open, to different ideas the photographer might have and feel free to give your ideas as well. By doing that the photographer can help direct the best way to capture your vision.

– Go with your gut. If you enjoy talking with the photographer AND enjoy the work on their website then chances are it’s a good fit. Being comfortable with each other means there will be natural family photographs.

– At the photo session relax, laugh, tickle, throw the kids in the air, give piggy back rides, joke around. When the photographer needs to reposition people, change location, try a different angle they will communicate with you..if they are a good natural photographer.

A quick note on the ‘sillies’ facial expressions: my stepson makes the most horrifying faces, it’s beyond silly. I actually get grossed out. Then I stop, breath and remind myself he will only be like this for a short while before I know it he won’t even look at the camera. During photo sessions I always ask for a silly face after I get a happy natural one. This also helps the family loosen up and enables me to get even better more natural family photographs.

Here’s what they had to say:

“I can’t think of a better time than what Shanna was able to give my family during our shoot today. Friendly and personable, I knew it was going to be a great experience when I said to my wife, “She already feels like a family friend!”. Very professional while also very relaxed, she was able to make our children have a great time, which is no small feat. Definitely going to her for future photos.” – Dad

“There are not enough good things that my family and I can say about Shanna. We recently did a family photo shoot with her… naturally, at first we were all awkward and some of us weren’t looking forward to having our pictures taken (kids)! My husband and I absolutely fell in love with the way Shanna treated our children and the way she made them feel comfortable… She even got my stepson, six, to smile! We had booked a 90 minute photo session and we have no idea where the time went, as we were all having so much fun! We have never had such a good time and felt so natural taking pictures… My husband and I recommend Shanna to anybody… We will definitely be back!. I wish I had more friends in WA that I could recommend her to!” – Mom

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