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Olympia Wedding Photographer.

That’s an ominous title isnt it? Perhaps I feel a little cheeky. Wait till you hear why the “hills have eyes” I mean orchards.

This was one of the most fun, loudest weddings I have been to. During the First Look, the couple opted to be in the middle of a hill. You know what happened at the top and bottom of that hill? Bridesmaids in a limo at the bottom of the hill and groomsman at the top of the hill. Once the couple threw their fists up in victory both sides of the hill cheered, hooted, hollered and howled in support and man was that a beautiful moment. It felt like being back in South Africa, because you know, South Africans are known for being pretty loud.

The spirit and love of this couple was so wonderful and evident throughout the beautiful day. This is just a little peek into their beautiful day. Details about the day coming soon! Like where on earth is this beautiful place?

There will be more to see soon! Thank you K and C for allowing me to be with you on this day to capture all the love and beauty that surrounds you!

Olympia Wedding Photographer.

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