Olympia Family Fall Photographer | Shanna Paxton Photography

Olympia Family Fall Photographer, Tumwater falls is one of the prettiest places to have a session, you don’t even have to walk the whole trail.

Right now they have some construction going on and although I am uncertain of when it will be complete there are still spots we can use for beautiful family photographs.

I love giving tips for photo sessions so here are a couple.

Fruit snacks are a toddlers best friend and can help make everything ok, as well as a comfort toy.

Whatever happens happens. No really, two year olds are only two for so long, so those needs to be held constantly and cuddled and reassured are totally wonderful. When these kids are 16 they are most likely…sadly for us…not going to want to cuddle or hug mom and dad. So no matter how kiddos are in a shoot don’t stress about it they are only like this once. We will all enjoy the ride together!

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