Lifestyle Family Photography

Lifestyle family photography is something we have been wanting to offer to families for about a year now. I started looking through the images I had taken while looking after the children I nannied for and began to notice how much I appreciated the images that looked more natural compared to the posed-look-at-the-camera ones.

I started thinking about ways that would help us capture lifestyle family photography in as natural a way as possible. I realized its a team sport, the photographer needs to have ideas and tools, the family needs to be open in sharing how they really spend their days together as a family. This creates a beautiful creation of sentimental truly authentic photographic memories.

When a family wants a lifestyle family photography session it usually means they prefer natural playful activity driven photo sessions. ‘We don’t want to have to pose against this tree and that water’ etc. Instead we look into what does an everyday look like in your home? We hone in on what the family does together on a day they are usually able to spend time with each other. Shopping, walking, visiting the park, driving, naps, cuddles, home movie, video games, board games, snack time. All of these are truly beautiful moments in the days of each family member’s life.

At this photo session sneaky fun things came up, like secretly eating┬ácandy; climbing on the car; brothers spinning the youngest in the stroller; ice bucket challenge; the tower of orange peels; the discovery of a lost park toy. These were things that came up while the family naturally acted themselves even though I was around photographing the ‘evidence’ (*ahem* hidden candy), I like to call these the gems.

The general feel of a lifestyle family photography session is everyone act normal, do what you would do normally. When this happens thats when loving family moments are revealed. We took about 4 hours spending time with the family photographing what they were doing, of course we chit chat in between me being on guard ready to capture anything that strikes the eye. We visited the cupcake store, got frosted mustaches, unloaded groceries at the home; visited the park; played with bubbles.

We hope to be doing more of this kind of authentic photography!


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