Introducing the Winner of Miss Thurston County 2015!

I have had the most wonderful opportunity this year photographing the Miss Thurston County Pageant. It has been so much more than just photographing the event! We did a lot this year to help create exposure for the pageant, including photographing Miss Thurston County 2014 Clista Rakow at the Capitol building in Olympia, which was so successful that it will become tradition for the Miss Thurston County holders to be photographed at each year. It makes us so proud to have a setting that shows the pride these girls have for their county.

Miss Thurston County 2014

Miss Thurston County 2014 – Clista Rakow

We also started a photographic campaign that focuses on what really makes a contestant. She is more than a ‘pretty princess’; she is smart, talented, intelligent and kind. We are hoping to continue this campaign in the future, to further educate the public on the essence of pageants. We met with each Miss Thurston County contestant to brainstorm what part of themselves they wanted to present in this campaign, after which we had a day to shoot against a green screen and I got to create fun backgrounds. Not only did I have a chance to be a bit more creative than usual but I got to know a unique side to each of the Miss Thurston County contestants. It was such a great opportunity, I am so grateful for each young woman sharing this part of themselves with me.


Miss Thurston County 2015

‘More than a Princess’ – Miss Thurston County 2015

Then there were the headshots to be used in the programs, which seemed a bit standard to me so we did a little promotional video to help introduce the Miss Thurston County contestants to the world. It was so much fun capturing their interactions with each other, there was singing ‘Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee’. I need to say to each Miss Thurston County contestant THANK YOU for bearing the cold during the session!

Then there was the event! So much was involved not only did we do ‘behind the scenes’ and the actual event but we also created a video slideshow for the audience to enjoy.

Miss Thurston County 2015

Let’s get to the really good part now…the winner of this year’s Miss Thurston County is Emily Hamack! Congratulations Emily! We just know you are going to have a fantastic year! We can’t wait to do your photo session at the Capital! Sleep, rest and enjoy the moment! We also can’t wait to interview you for our SPP Spotlight!


Miss Thurston County 2015

Miss Thurston County 2015 Title Holder – Emily Hamack


I also just wanted to take a moment to talk about my experience working with the Board of Directors. First of all, bear in mind that I have never been exposed to the world of pageants before. So, finding out that there’s so much support in this community that I live in to help these girls be their best and well-rounded individuals brings me a lot of hope for people’s investment in empowering young women. Working with this group has been incredibly enjoyable; they are all amazing people with big hearts. They were incredibly easy to work with and I look forward to working with them in the future. Thank you, Stephanie Hemphill, Executive Director of the Lacey South Sound Chamber of Commerce; Tim Scheuffele of Edward Jones; Kelly Wilson, Co-Creator of Homeless Backpacks; Kevin Huffer of KMNT Radio; Nat George of KAYO Radio; and my husband Jeff Gibson.

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