Inspiring Women at the Emerald City Comic Con

Emerald City Comic Con will always be a great event for me. It is where I met my husband. It is where I feel empowered each year.  It’s a place where all geek culture comes together to celebrate the fandom that binds them together. There were some amazing moments this year. This includes panels, guests, photo opportunities with celebrities, gaming opportunities, cosplay and even meet-ups. As you know, I am always aware of empowered women and WOW, were there some great ones at this year’s Emerald City Comic-Con!

Within these beautiful events were opportunities for these women to share their stories and I was eager to hear them. Each one was a story of overcoming or empowering themselves in some way. I would love to share what I heard.


Ivy Doomkitty, Cosplayer

With Ivy Doomkitty a very inspirational Cosplayer

Who is Ivy Doomkitty?

What a great experience, to read more about what Ivy Doomkitty did at Comic-Con check out Jeff’s blog post here. After listening to her story about how she overcame low self-esteem through cosplay, I teared up. During her panel Body Confidence and Positivity in Cosplay she talked about ‘bending’. Bending allows you to cosplay as any character no matter the sex/ethnicity/disability, as long as you are respectful. Ivy Doomkitty co-hosted with Ani-Mia and they also touched on trolls and, of course, this brought me to tears, too. They talked about comments online and how they realized that for every one negative comment there were 2o positive ones; it was not worth getting upset about the negative one. I decided I wanted to have a chance to meet with Ivy. As I got up to her table I was able to say thank you and then completely fell apart in tears. I really wanted to articulate how appreciative I was for her sharing her story. She talked about how she loves sharing the story everywhere she goes, because it is so important to help others have that confidence to be who they want to be. I could absolutely feel the unconditional love this woman had for people. I never knew such a woman existed and I am truly grateful for her sharing her journey to empowerment. I hope she comes to every Emerald City Comic Con. You can follow her here.

Marina Sirtis shares her thoughts on cleavage:

I am not very familiar with Star Trek: The Next Generation; it just didn’t make its way into my home. I guess my parents thought Star Wars was enough. At the Emerald City Comic Con I wouldn’t admit that. Marina shared the theory of cleavage in Hollywood. The bigger an actress’ cleavage got the dumber the character got; the smaller her cleavage got the more intelligent she became. She illustrated her point by describing a particular episode of Next Generation that allowed her character more knowledge than the two most intelligent characters on the show, Data and Geordi. My question is, how true is this outside the Hollywood world? You can follow her here.


Vita A. and me after She Makes Comics panel

Vita A. and me after She Makes Comics panel


Vita A. and her wonderful advice at Emerald City Comic Con:

We met Vita at the ‘She Makes Comics’ panel. The advantage to a small group of attendees is you really have a chance to get to know the panelists and this was definitely the case here, as there were less than a couple dozen attendees. We spoke about so many things, but the best was when I asked about how she felt about the typical ‘sexy’ drawn female characters in comics. Her answer was so refreshing and gave me a different perspective when looking at comic art at the Emerald City Comic Con. She talked about the fine line between objectifying women and accepting one’s self for who they are. She comically commented ‘how do you stand like that?’. Its really more about the positions they put them in, not necessarily their figures. Another issue was representation. Not seeing yourself represented is unfortunate whether its your ethnicity, body size/shape or character. You could attract so many more people if it was more diverse.


I am looking forward to any future Emerald City Comic Con and I bet there will be even more inspiring women that will help empower others!


Emerald City Comic Con

One of my favorite cosplayers!

Emerald City Comic Con

Love this cosplayer, Retired Wonder Woman!


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