Have you heard of LUMBERJANES?

This past weekend was my 5th time attending the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, WA. I absolutely love this event, its the kind of event that is a real priority for me, the kind that makes me save and save. There are so many reasons as to why people go to a con, but I guess my number one reason is to find empowerment through listening to what the leaders in the industry have to say. These are called panels or interviews. Panels are indeed my favorite and there will be some posts about that later. Interviews however are a great one on one way to learn about someone in the industry and what they offer. Like Shannon Watters of the comicbook LUMBERJANES!

I got to listen to her being interviewed on Thursday.

My LUMBERJANES collection!

My LUMBERJANES collection!

Oh my goodness a new addition to my LUMBERJANES collection, cant wait to get started in this one!

Oh my goodness a new addition to my LUMBERJANES collection, cant wait to get started in this one!


Shannon Watters goes on to explain that LUMBERJANES is about a group of 5 girls that attend a Girl Scout Camp….with monsters! The creator’s depict the “hard-core-lady-type” characters dealing with these monsters as if it were any other day.

What was an influence for the creation of LUMBERJANES?

Watters loves the early 90’s feel to the comic,¬†she was also a girl scout growing up in the woods of North Arizona. Which when you pick up the book you will see the influence of that. Even looking at the covers you can see those inspirations coming through.

So how great is this series?

In 2016 they got a GLAD Award and received the Best Publication for Teens in 2015 Will Eisner Award.

Personally I am a big fan of the series! In 2014 I got to ask a panel she was on a question, what empowering female comics are out there? Watters shared a number of books but also LUMBERJANES. I laugh, I cry, I feel sad, I feel angry, I feel strong, I long for great friendships such as the ones in the series everytime I pick up LUMBERJANES.

You can check out LUMBERJANES over here.



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