Greater Olympia Dixieland Jazz Society brings tears to my eyes!

IMG_6540- Lacey Days Jazz Fest 1IMG_6583- Lacey Days Jazz Fest 1IMG_6532- Lacey Days Jazz Fest 1The Lacey Days has only begun and I am already tearing up photographing the Greater Olympia Dixieland Jazz Society. Photographing this event was so unexpectantly emotional for me, I am such a sap for the romantic things in life. Let me first talk about what this event is actually about.

The Greater Olympia Dixieland Jazz Society event takes place yearly around the end of June this year it was held at Saint Martin’s University Campus. They have dance lessons, several music performances happening at the same time in different rooms for most of the day. There is a dance floor in each room for everyone to dance and this for me was where the magic was happening.

When the music started several couples stepped towards the dance floor and glided around the dance floor with each other. They moved so gracefully and playfully at the same time. The moment I teared up was when I saw the expressions on the couples faces. While dancing in that moment these couples look into each others eyes and are just so gleeful. They are so in love! The woman look up at their dance partner and there is just so much love, connection and appreciation there. They smile and there are twinkles in their eyes. I felt the love they had for their partner and was so overrun by emotion. The men were happy to be on the dance floor, they seemed to strong and supportive towards their dance partners. At the end of the dance they give each other a hug or kiss and take each other’s hands and walk of the dance floor. Then the best part is it starts all over again when another song starts and it is the same expressions every time.


To see more photographs check out the Lacey Days Facebook Page.






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