Generation Photographs

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What are Generation Photographs?

These photographs are special creations that generate memories, happiness and honor to the women in our life. For me I had to make something that would heal my anger at the loss of my Gran, by having this image on my wall I felt that I was honoring her, I felt like she was with me on the most important day in my life and it brought me peace. Generation Photographs come in two different packages described below.

Who is this for?

Generation Photographs are perfect for those who have lost a loved one and would like to have something personal that brings them together.

Perfect for those who were not able to be at a specific life event but want to show their love and support for that family member Generation Photographs can bring everyone together and help express what they want in a tangible way.

Wonderful for the history nuts in the family obsessed with the family tree, for me its my father-in-law, this brings the whole family together.

Its a great way to make use of those old photographs you have of great-great-aunt Greta, by putting them into a Generation Photograph you are brining them into the everyday life you have and its a great way for children to see where they came from.

A perfect way to collect an assortment of favorite family photographs into one art piece.

Makes a great gift for the family that is spread across the world and cannot get together for a photography session, think of how happy mom would be to receive this!?

What to expect:

If you would like to incorporate already existing photographs all that needs to be done is for you to take them into Costco to be scanned and send me the digital files. Give me a call and lets discuss the photographs and what they mean to you. Once payment is made I begin working on brining the image to life this can take 2-4 weeks. A print with CD is mailed to you once you have agreed upon the final image.



In addition to what is mentioned above. If you would like to update photographs of you and/or family we include a photography session from which we will choose what will be incorporated into the final piece. Bring the older photographs with you please.