Fiskars are my favorite scissors and now weed puller too! | Garden Photographer | Shanna Paxton Photography

Garden photographer, now I am no gardener, but I have weeds. Lots of weeds and I recently discovered this device after photographing this years Women’s Build with the SPS Habitat for Humanity. We all know there will always be weeds. Recently I heard of allowing them to grow so the bees can get that first good meal after the cold and rain. Well we have plenty to go around in the front and back yard. We decided to leave the front yard alone for now and take care of the back one. This tool is super helpful, especially if you can’t bend down. I am still recovering from my accident but am able to do a couple of these every other day. Jeff checked it out and couldn’t stop. It was rather amusing. Nothing like a good tool to get one motivated. We are using the Fiskars 339950-1001 39″ 4-Claw Weeder, 1-Pack, Black/Orange and its worth every penny!

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