Fun with the amazing Au Pairs!


Being an au pair (a young foreign person, typically a woman, who helps with housework or child care in exchange for room and board), is one of the most rewarding and difficult jobs or experience out there. I did it for 2 years, was blessed with a wonderful caring family who I am still close with, and just grew so much from that experience of living in another country with another family.


I want to do something special for other au pairs (A.P.), it’s important that A.P.’s remember this experience. Having professional photos taken of an A.P.’s time in the USA not only becomes a cherished memory for the them, but can be shared with the family back home that is missing them, and to the family they will leave at the end of that exciting adventure, the host family especially the kids want to remember their A.P.’s, my girl would pull out the photos of previous A.P.’s whenever I gave her a time out, sigh, luckily she didn’t get alot of that but I made sure she had good photos of me, as well as the fun times we had together. Can anyone else relate to that?


Au Pair Experience - Shanna Paxton PhotographyAu Pair Experience - Shanna Paxton PhotographyAu Pair Experience - Shanna Paxton Photography

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