Summer the best time to be together | Family Reunion Photographer Olympia

Family Reunion Photographer Olympia, I love family reunions! In the summer, during the winter holidays! There’s nothing better than everyone coming together after so long and enjoying each others company again. Its so wonderful to be able to see how nieces and nephews have grown. One of my favorite things to do in a shoot like this, when the couple is together for their shot, is to have them pose then snuggle up then kiss and cuddle up again. There’s a beautiful little spark in their eyes after just one kiss. It makes me think, that’s what I want, I always want that little spark of love with my husband, year after year, after having children, after having grandchildren. This is why a photographer at family reunions is so important, to capture that love that exists between spouses, between cousins, between children and their parental figures, their grandparents. We should want to remember this all and that’s why hiring a, family reunion photographer Olympia, is so important.

I loved photographing this family! So many wonderful faces! So many wonderful little moments.



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