Event Photography PNW

What are the benefits of having a photographer at your event?

If you have events you need a photographer to capture the goings on, the photographs can be used for a number of beneficial purposes. I have experience photographing many different events in different situations.

If this sounds like you then I am the photographer you need:

  • Having a professional photographer at your event that is experienced in interacting with people respectfully but getting that shot you desire is of utmost importance in your event/need, because it reflects who you are as a company in unified professionalism.
  • Hiring a professional photographer with years of experience is important in allowing you to do your job and not stress about whether or not the right photographs will be captured that will allow you and your companuy to expand your clientele through press releases and social media interaction in a timely easily accessible manner.
  • You are in need of redoing your website with professional personal authentic photographs.
  • You are done relying on a friend with a good camera and need someone who has efficient processes in place that will benefit you in your business.
  • You want to show people what your company/ organization stands for with authentic photography.
  • You want to celebrate individuals at your award ceremony you are hosting and also want to have professional images delivered in a timely manner.


What to expect:

Once we have talked about your event via phone or email, an invoice is sent out, 50% deposit is due via check/card/cash through online or mailing, this books your date. The other 50% is due upon the day of the event.

Once the event is over depending on your needs images will be delivered accordingly, i.e. if you need to do a press release a selection of images will be made available to you that within 12 hours of the event. If there is no press release being done images take 1-2 weeks to process.

The images will be put in an easily accessible cloud, active for 10 years and is shareable.

Photo credit will be given where ever the image is posted, physical or online.


$200-$350 an hour.

*Discount for repeat business.

Below is a document sharing more about our event photography services: