Empowering Women’s Workshops

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At my first The Hidden Power of Self-Portraits workshop with 2 dear friends.

The Hidden Power of Self-Portraits

This is the workshop for you if you want to gain new skills that generate happiness, confidence and a state of well being. We will be doing this through the use of photographs of the self and self-reflective exercises.

You may also relate to one of the following:

Want to connect back to a time where you felt confident and powerful?

Need to heal from a traumatic event, loss, breakup?

Are you familiar with the law of attraction and would like to gain new skills that will help you bring even more wonderful things into your life?

Are you a business owner that has become uninspired about your business? Are you uninpired by your current income? Would you like to bring in more excitement and increased income into your business?

You are a new or seasoned mom who wants to focus on her own identity.

You are struggling with your work life and would like to invite happier experiences into your work life.

Are you wandering how some women seem to have the perfect life and want to know what keeps them happy and perky?


What to expect during the workshop?

This is a very interactive workshop and personal, please bring the following with you:

  • Photographs of yourself, more is better, try to bring an assortment from different times in your life.
  • Favorite art supplies. (Paints, markers, whatever you like there is no limit)
  • Journal / Notepaper.

These workshops usually take place in a local coffee shop, details are finalized closer to the workshop date. I run this workshop about every 2 months, if you missed the last one please feel free to reach out to me to be put on the list for the next workshop date.