An empowering song to help start the week, 1

Have you heard of Grace VanderWaal?

I discovered her about a month ago when a friend shared a video of her performance on America’s Got Talent. She sang what she called “an original”, meaning it was entirely created by herself. Of course this show makes one feel all sorts of emotions, awe of the bravery of such a young performer, fear she will fail, hope that she wont, unexpected exhilaration as she passes to the next round. Needless to say she made it to the next round and performed such honest talent that she won and now has her very first album!

I cry every time I listen to her sing “I don’t know my name”. The moment those words leave her lips I get hit hard by a flood of emotions and wonderment. How does this 12 year old “get” what so many people are feeling? Then I realize she is so much more than a 12 year old girl, she is a creative soul that has the ability to connect with all of us. When she concludes her song with now knowing her name, all the little doubts in my mind disappear.

Her audition vs the track on the album are filled with beautiful differences. Her audition is filled with excitement, fear, courage and adrenaline. It is fast, only a snippet of the song and has a whole audience enjoying her unexpected magnificent performance. On the album her pacing is more controlled and slow and we hear the entire song. This contrast shows just how much she has learnt and how capable she is in adapting her music. I cant wait to see what else she comes up with!


“Empowering song to help start the week” is all about me sharing a song that makes me feel amazing! Music has an ability to heal and motivate. This is why I have decided to share it with you all. If you have a song you enjoy please share its title.



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