The divine in South African food

We are on week 2 of our trip to South Africa. It has been wonderful feeling the sun on my face, seeing old friends and family and of course all that South African food! I have been paying close attention to the food that I have been eating. Noting what are the ingredient listed, the portion size served, the presentation and the combination of flavors. For those who know me, my sense of smell is awful. So I will do my best to describe what I can, but hopefully the photographs do the food justice enough. In this post I would love to talk about the food served at restaurants and in a later post about the food available in the grocery stores.

South African Beach

The view from Cape Town’s Moyo’s Restaurant

We started off by feasting in Cape Town. We begin at a local chain restaurant called Moyo’s which is known for their African fusion menu, located in Blouberg, Cape Town. We had samosas (triangular fried pastries with savory fillings, ours included cheese, veggie and meat); and different flatbreads that were dunked in olive oil.

Samoosas at Moyo

A favorite restaurant of mine that serves many South African food dishes.

The next morning gave us a chance to eat at a popular chain called Primi Piatti, in my younger days I would drink down their bottomless hot chocolate. This day we had breakfast tacos ‘Crispy Bacon and chunky salsa’; a standard ‘farmhouse’ breakfast (high protein); Yoghurt with muesli and berries; and French toast. Certain similarities in sight but in taste there were differences to American food, the sauce in the tacos was creamy not like a Mexican sauce one would experience in USA; the French toast was light and the syrup is a different brand, it tasted much sweeter than the syrup available in USA.


Primi Piatti Breakfasts


Next was a lovely drive to ‘Two Oceans Restaurant’ and I cannot describe enough how wonderful and friendly the servers were here. Fish was what it was all about and baboons, don’t worry they weren’t on the menu however they did make for entertainment jumping towards the sugar bowls and stealing them of the table. The birds were even confident enough to dig their beaks in butter after a family left their table. Well back to the food, Salmon Presents were ordered by me it was served on a beetroot reduction were lovely sushi pieces layered as rice, salmon, avocado, prawn, seaweed, mayo and salmon eggs. Other dishes included prawn salad and the seafood platter.

Cape Point

Wonderfully plated food from awesome Cape Point restaurant

On our way back home we stopped in Knysna at Il de Pain, a most sought out bakery. Something familiar the burger served with potato skins, an egg and soldiers masterpiece; egg and salmon croissant. I think its becoming clear that bread is a hugely popular cuisine in South Africa, or is it bakeries?


Breakfast at Il de Pain, Knysna, South Africa

Coming into Port Elizabeth another bakery Vovo Telo, a bakery I would visit every Friday, they have freshly  squeezed juice the carrot ginger apple is wonderful. Basil Pesto Focaccio is my favorite.

Vovo Telo

Freshly squeezed juice and baked sandwiches from th first of the Vovo Telo franchise in Port Elizabeth.

Wicker Woods has divine cuisine and rated by online company ‘Eatout’ with 5 stars, artesian pizza is heavenly. Their appetizers are great as well a little pasta with prawns and salmon on a rosti with crème fresh is wonderfully tasty.

Fine Dining Port Elizabeth

Wonderful Cuisine from Wicker Woods, Port Elizabeth.

And of course after a 5 star meal we need a KFC soft serve with a flake. Soft serves are a cone with a swirl of vanilla ice cream and in this case is topped with a folded chocolate bar called a flake, this kind of chocolate is not available in the States unless you seek it out in delis that import chocolate like Husky Deli or The British Pantry.

Cadbury Flake

Soft Serve with real Cadbury Flakes at KFC in Port Elizabeth.


How about home made South African food?


Thus far I have talked about restaurants and the like. Now I wanted to show off a little bit of a home cooked meal. Braai is without a doubt one of the most popular family meal activities throughout the country. My Mother has a Thermomix, an amazing machine I could go on and on about but please follow the link. My mother lovingly made some wonderful home made from scratch baguettes and a tomato garlic butter red onion cheese loaf, they tasted light and fluffy, thank you Mom. Something familiar potato salad is a must at a braai; salad is a must as well and most often contains feta cheese cucumbers tomatoes and spring onion; chips/crisps and dip, made out of mayonnaise and curry powder; then THE MEAT, this can include a variety of things such as boerewors, chicken wings, lamb kebabs and lamb chops smothered in braai spice.

Thermomix Bread

Home made bread with a Thermomix, thanks Mom.

Braai food

Small dishes for the Braai

Braai Food

South African food I grew up eating.

We will of course eat at many more places and I hope that I can keep up with posting about it, see you next week, much love from South Africa, Shanna.

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