Colorful Spring Maternity Photo Shoot West Seattle

This was a very fun Maternity Photo Shoot West Seattle has some of the best places to photography in, the one that made it to this shoot is Lincoln Park. When in doubt choose Lincoln Park, there is so much to do there, its great for a family picnic, there are two play structures, a wading pool, public swimming pool (Coleman), forrest trails to hike on, the sound is at the bottom of Lincoln Park and you can watch the ferries go by. Once I sat there with my boy for 45 minutes JUST watching the ferries.

When I found out that Brandy loved West Seattle as well I got so excited! I knew we had to go here because there were still some cherry blossoms and we could do a sunset photograph at the end of the session. Brandy wore such a perfect outfit for a maternity shoot, she looked comfortable and natural. Not only that but she wore the best color, don’t you think? She just pops out from the background. I am truly appreciative of her husband because he just kept her smiling and laughing throughout the session and honestly those are the best kinds of photographs.

It is always interesting incorporating objects into the photo session, Brandy had a great selection of very specific items. Of course my favorite is one of the baby’s very first pictures, just think how wonderful it will be to show this to your child years down the line. Other items were Cougar booties, a bannerĀ and block that spelt out ‘Rory’. These were so cute and easy to position.

Of course we can never forget the four-legged-babies Brandy brought some treats for them and we got great photographs of them. Tip: Always bring treats! For the furry people and non-furry ones to.

I am so excited for their little bundle of joy to enter this world! I know that they are going to be great parents!

Ps if anyone ever wants a really great baby photographer call my friend Anne at Fairies and Frogs she has been doing this for years and is great at what she does, there’s no question I will be going to her when the time comes.

Maternity Photo Shoot West Seattle - Shanna Paxton Photography

Love your smile Brandy!

Maternity Photo Shoot West Seattle - Shanna Paxton Photography

Beautiful items to be photographed, love the baby’s “first photo” included in the session.

Maternity Photo Shoot West Seattle - Shanna Paxton Photography

Love the connection this couple had!

Maternity Photo Shoot West Seattle - Shanna Paxton Photography

The four-legged-babies are ALWAYS a wonderful addition to a photo session!

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