Oberserving Cloned Appearances

The Cloned Appearances (Yellow Series) shows the strong possibility of loss of individualism through overly influenced ‘it-look’ media saturations which suggest how the female society should construct their appearance, this can result in the affected area of females in society having the same cloned physical appearance. The manipulation of the industrial environment on which the doll-like females appear is complimentary to the beauty industry’s influence and growth. These photographs were digitally constructed to create the clones and industrial environment.

This part of the portfolio was so..I’m not going to lie..alot of hard work, many hours were spent at the computor editing, cutting, selecting, masking and other such wonderful photo terminology. But I know the models had lots of fun getting their hair done, and Bianca (our wonderful hairdresser) did such a wonderful job styling the different girls’ hair so similarily. Some of the girls had to really look into the bright South African sunlight in order to get all the needed images, but they did such a good job! I appreciate each and every one of them.

3.8_Paxton_Yellow Series_PhotIV_20103.5_Paxton_Yellow Series_PhotIV_20103.1_Paxton_Yellow Series_PhotIV_2010

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