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I have done a lot of photography for South Puget Sound Habitat for Humanity over about four years. Here are some of the fun ways they have used the images to help promote, thank and gather donations for their organization. You will find small captions under each image to help illustrate a purpose or idea in how the photography I do can help make communication exciting!

As you can see the images have been used in thank you cards as well as seasons greetings. Those cards in the right corner are testimonial cards of families who have worked towards having their own home. The open middle document is for the HFH key ceremony, an event where the keys are handed over to the new home owners, each photograph shows each family. The red and full image cards are donation cards that were sent out in the mail. The very bottom card is an invitation. So as you can see the way in which photography I have done can be used in many ways, I love this image because it reminds us of the paper products that are so important for sharing gratitude and asking for donations.

Photographs taken over about a two hour period provided more than enough for setting up their shop page. Other images taken were used elsewhere on the website, etc.

Banner images are my favorite! Especially when showing a space such as a store, it helps show that there are many product choices.

Showing staff is very helpful for current and future customers, it helps bring familiarity and adds a level of openness and of course friendliness.

Being able to acknowledge those who dedicate their time by serving on a board is a where headshots really come into play.

Having many photographs to choose from allows organizations/companies to use the images on multiple platforms which really comes in handy when your an organization that has a website, social media channels, newsletter, snail mail AND a donation page!

Having fun at a session helps provide exciting images for a webpage!

Staff photos help bring the personality of who helps run the company to life!

My photographs can be used in articles too!

Social media posts are a great way to use the photography I do for a business.

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