Brining healing through 3 generation portrait

healing through 3 generation portrait__Shanna Paxton Photography womens empowering photographer
Today I wanted to share something I have been working on for a while. I got inspired to put together a 3 generation wedding portrait. I have always loved this photograph of my Granny and of my Mother and decided it was time to put us all together.
My Gran unfortunately passed away three months into me coming to the US and so was not at our wedding. This was my way of healing from that. I always used to say to her “Granny you can’t die until I have kids”. Though she is not with us physically anymore I always feel her presence when I listen to Michael Buble or that wonderful song “Spirit in the Sky” and when I feel her presence I think of her at this age.
Photography can be very healing when it comes to working through an experience such as loss. I have discovered that healing through 3 generation portrait is one of the most perfect ways to not only come to terms with loss but also recognizing the creation of a new chapter in ones life. When important people in our lives pass away we see only the best in them and this is how I loved seeing my Gran, now I feel when I am in my own wedding dress I am representing the best in her.
I love you Granny!


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