The best part of being an Au Pair in Seattle, Washington

IMG_3847IMG_3988Marilena yearned for adventure. Her favorite part of this experience thus far is getting to know the different cultures. She is thoroughly enjoying exploring this part of the world.


Johanne has definitely gotten very comfortable in her role and is really taking advantage of her time here she loves everything about it, her kids, her friends she has made, the family she is with, the memories she is making every day.


Stephanie is really enjoying watching her host baby grow, discovering little by little every day. She has told me about how much her self-esteem has blossomed while being an au pair.


After chatting with these au pairs, I am reminded of how much an au pair invests in those around her. She gives her love, energy, care and experience not just to her friends, family back home, and host family but also to her host kids. All people involved are invested in each other during this experience, it is so much more than a financial investment, and it becomes a very loving investment.


What else does an au pair give while on this experience? Or what else does she learn?


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