Behind the Scenes of a Shoot

Being the guy who works in the office at a computer or is at a business networking meeting, I don’t often participate in the client interactions. Every once in a while, I get to observe a Photo Session or Ordering Session. It’s really great to see Shanna in action.

In the images below you can see Shanna directing a couple on a pose. Depending on the amount of time given and the information provided during the Consultation Session, Shanna can get creative with a shoot. This shoot’s consultation was brief, but provided enough info about the couple to get an idea of their personality. As a result, while conversating and building repoire in order to add to the couple’s comfortability, Shanna gave a straight-forward posed session wherein the couple got a bit cuddly occasionally.

The Ordering Session happened over breakfast. The couple browsed through their photos with self-depricating wit before settling on a single shot to get framed.

Delivering the package was a treat, as the client couldn’t wait to tear open and see the neatly-wrapped product.

Expect more behind-the-scenes photos of other Photo and Ordering Sessions.

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