A Photoshoot in the Rain?

Seattle is often shown as the ‘rainy’ city in movies and television shows, this isn’t always true but boy is it fun to have a photoshoot in the rain, not only do cloudy days create the perfect light but it gives kids the chance to enjoy running in the mud and not worrying about getting wet, free of inhibitions! Oh and something wonderful I have realized in the state of Washington is that people genuinely are so used to the weather that the idea of a photoshoot in the rain is not a big deal.

I come from South Africa, it doesn’t rain often but when it does it is definitely the equivalent to the snow fall here. Everything slows down, people don’t go out. I admit it has taken me some time to get used to the idea of not postponing photo sessions when it rains but after this weekend seeing how this family was so at ease with the weather has made me much more certain of having a photoshoot in the rain, bring it on Washington!

This was such a fun session did I mention they brought their furry family member? I have to take a side note and say this is one of the best ideas! Think of photo sessions that have props, now think of having an extra special someone in your life that loves you no matter what AND that can run and play with you. Sounds warm and fuzzy doesn’t it?

Here are a few things you can bring that may help when having a photoshoot in the rain:

Old towels to help dry off your furry member;

an extra sweater that stays in the car to keep you warm;

waterproof shoes nothings worse than cold wet feet even if you are a seasoned Washingtonian;

umbrellas to have in or out the photographs, this family had a great umbrella that they kept jackets in while photos were taken;

if you enjoy fashion and need an excuse to buy that CUTE rain coat this is the time;

wet wipes (are those called moist towels in America?) so that dirt can be easily removed;

extra change of clothes in case someone gets to muddy;

snacks for afterwards, if no one got muddy its because they were using muscles they never knew they had to prevent them from falling/ sliding around;

a box to throw everything muddy into, this avoids the whole car needing to be cleaned;

like with any photo session something you can play with, in this case the young boy had a jump rope and man was he good at it!

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